Saturday, January 20, 2007

Use Palm OS Developement Suite documentation in latest version of Eclipse

Palm OS Developer Suite v 1.2 comes with Eclipse 3.0.x and CDT 2.0.2.ps002 which is quite outdated. Latest Eclipse version as of this writing was 3.2.1 with CDT at version 3.1.1. This latest CDT comes with lots of goodies like bracket matching and code folding which is absent in the CDT that comes with PODS. To use the documentation from PODS to the latest version of Eclipse copy the following directory including the files: com.palmsource.eclipse.sdk.palmos5.doc.user_1.2.0.23 Assuming default install these files should be located in C:\Program Files\PalmSource\Palm OS Developer Suite\eclipse\plugins. Copy this files into \plugins

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