Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hide an application from the taskbar

Hide an application (notepad in this case) from task bar using PowerShell


Saturday, May 07, 2016

OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

Screen capture of user defined screen
Saves the screenshot on the Desktop
Document Shortcuts
Fn+Left Arrow
Home: Scroll to the beginning of a document.

Fn+Right Arrow
End: Scroll to the end of a document.

Fn+Up Arrow
Page Up: Scroll up one page.

Fn+Down Arrow
Page Down: Scroll down one page.

mc - Midnight Commander
Quick cd (M-c)
Change directory
Search/Go to directory



Under construction.


How to view Console.WriteLine output in Xamarin Studio UI Test

To view Console.Write/Console.WriteLine output from within Xamarin Studio UI Test, do:
  1. If Unit Test pad/window is not visible, using App menu, do View | Pads | Unit Tests
  2. On a test that passed (e.g., ), select test and right click, then select Show results pad ( )

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Resize OS X El Capitan HD to full size

Got OS X El Capitan running inside VMware Fusion 8. The default drive size is around 40GB and I wanted to change it to 120GB. Disk Utility seems like the tool to do the job but is not working properly. To resize, do:

$ sudo disktuil resizeVolume / R


Sunday, April 03, 2016

The Maximum Log Size specified is not valid when changing Windows Event Viewer log size

When changing Application Windows Event Log maximum size and you are seeing the message below then it is possible that it is set by group policy (local or Active Directory).

Event Viewer
The Maximum Log Size specified is not valid. It is too large or too small. The Maximum Log Size will be set to the following:  1028 KB

This behavior can be modified allow changes via Windows Event View application. To do so open Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc). Then navigate to Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Event Log Service | Application (for example) then change Maximum Log Size (KB) to Not configured.

Note that you need to be an administrator to make the changes.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Running Python one liner

Running on liner Python is sometimes just fells awesome, practice with caution though. Below spits out uuid4 using Python one liner.

c:\> ipy -c "import uuid; print(uuid.uuid4())"


Disable/Enable network interface using PowerShell

Windows 10 update 1511 sometimes losses connection inside a VirtualBox(5.0.16) VM. Mostly it happens after the host machine recovers from sleep or hibernate. Workaround I have observed so far is to disable/enable the interface. This can get boring overtime, so below is the PowerShell script that I use to automate it.

Note that O is the name of my network adapter.