Sunday, December 17, 2006

Control Panel console command equivalent

There are cases where you might need to run some of the Control Panel applets to perform quick configuration like add user accounts under different user credentials(say administrator account). Anyway below lists the files and equivalent Control Panel applet. access.cpl = Accessibility Options appwiz.cpl = Add or REmove Programs bthprops.cpl = ???( I think this is bluetooth configuration) desk.cpl = Display Properties firewall.cpl = Windows Firewall hdwwiz.cpl = Add Hardware Wizard inetcpl.cpl = Internet Properties intl.cpl = Regional and Laguage Options irprops.cpl = ??? (Infrared Properties) joy.cpl = Game Controllers jpicpl32.cpl = Java Control Panel main.cpl = Mouse Properties mmsys.cpl = Sounds and Audio Devices Properties ncpa.cpl = ??? (Open Explorer) netsetup.cpl = Network Setup Wizard nusrmgr.cpl = User Accounts nwc.cpl = ??? () odbccp32.cpl = ODBC Data Source Administrator powercfg.cpl = Power Options Properties ppcpanel.cpl = PeoplePC Online Smart Dialer sysdm.cpl = System Properties telephon.cpl = Phone and Modem Properties timedate.cpl = Date and Time Properties wscui.cpl = Windows Security Center wuaucpl.cpl = Automatic Updates

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