Monday, January 01, 2007

Reading documents in Handspring Visor

There are quit a few choices when reading documents in Handspring Visor or Palm based PDA's. One is Adobe Acrobat Reader for Palm and Plucker. There might be more but these are the ones that I have used so far. The latest Adobe Reader for Palm OS works only for OS version 3.5 or greater. So for the Handspring Visor we are left with one application, Plucker. Latest version (1.8) does not seem to support Palm OS 3.0. When I was writing this blog it seems like the Plucker website was down. So I instead picked the older version from internet archive. I took v1.6 and low and behold it is working like a charm in Visor Deluxe. For readers convenience, you can download the file from here. Need to download and install 7-zip to extract the contents, though. Update (22Jan07) I found out that there are two binaries for v1.8 of the viewer application. One is for high resolution and non-hires. Non-high resolution works like a charm in Palm OS 3.0.x. Try this link.

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