Monday, August 25, 2008

Export TestPartner run into xml with xsl

TestPartner run results can be exported using command line, tpexport, or via File|Export from with TestPartner itself.

Another way of exporting run results is via TestPartner.TLB automation. The beauty with TestPartner.TLB is that you can export with it the xsl.

See below for the code.
Option Explicit
Sub TestTPResultDump()
    Dim t As New TPApp
    Dim pCount As Integer
    Dim p As Integer
    Dim sCount As Integer
    Dim sName As String
    Dim tp2 As TestPartner.TPProject2

    t.Login "admin", "admin", "TestPartner_SQL", 1

    pCount = t.Projects.Count

    For p = 1 To pCount
        If t.Projects.Item(p).Name = "ScratchProject" Then
            Debug.Print t.Projects.Item(p).Name
            Set tp2 = t.Projects.Item(p)
            Dim rc As Integer
            For rc = 1 To tp2.Results.Count
                If tp2.Results.Item(rc).Name = "scratch2" Then
                    Debug.Print tp2.Results.Item(rc).Description
                    Debug.Print tp2.Results.Item(rc).Name
                    Debug.Print tp2.Results.Item(rc).LastModifiedBy
                    Dim v As Long
                    v = tp2.Results.Item(rc).CurrentVersion
                    Dim rr As TestPartner.TPResult
                    Set rr = tp2.Results.Item(rc)
                    rr.Open (v)
                    Debug.Print rr.GetXML(v, v, "d:\test.xml")
                    Call rr.GetXML(v, 1, "D:\test.xml", "D:\test.xsl")
                    Dim sXLST As String
                    Dim fXLST As Scripting.File
                    Debug.Print rr.GetXSLT(1, sXLST)
                    'Debug.Print sXLST
                    Dim fso As Scripting.FileSystemObject
                    Dim ts As Scripting.TextStream
                    Set fso = New Scripting.FileSystemObject
                    Set ts = fso.OpenTextFile("D:\test.xsl", ForWriting, True, TristateTrue)
                    ts.Write sXLST
                    Set ts = Nothing
                    Set fso = Nothing
                End If
            Next rc
        End If

    Next p
End Sub

Note that you need reference to TestPartner(TestPartner.TLB) and Microsoft Scripting Runtime for the above code snippets to work.

See below for the location of the type library:



Anonymous said...


what is TestPartner.tlb ?

Techno Scavenger said...

This is a Testpartner specific type library. See my main post again as I added screen capture of the file location.

Huck said...

Is there a way to also include the Pass\Fail result in the xml dump of the run?

Also, where can I find more information on the TestPartner API.

Techno Scavenger said...

I didn't check the xml export closely but if my recollection is correct it should have the pass/fail information.

And TestPartner.tlb is internal to TestPartner and undocumented. So beware, you will not get support from the company if you use it.

Yash said...

Do you have an XSL which converts the cryptic result xml file to a neat format. Can you please chare it with me?

Yash said...

Teh results xml file appears to be very complex. Do you have an XSL which can convert it to a neat format? Can you please share it if yes?

Anonymous said...

i have try like you comment and it doesn't work ??

no result exported