Sunday, May 16, 2010

FreeBSD minimal install on Virtual Box

This is a screen capture documentation of FreeBSD 8.0 minimal install on VirtualBox.

Before we can start the install, we need to have:
a) Guest machine configuration for FreeBSD 8.0.
b) ISO installer, we will be using bootonly in this case.

As usual, create a guest machine configuration, below is my configuration:
General Name: fbsd80 OS Type: FreeBSD System Base Memory: 512 MB Processor(s): 1 Boot Order: CD/DVD-ROM, Hard Disk VT-x/AMD-V: Enabled Nested Paging: Enabled Display Video Memory: 9 MB 3D Acceleration: Disabled 2D Video Acceleration: Disabled Remote Display Server: Disabled Storage IDE Controller IDE Primary Master: fbsd80.vdi (Normal, 80.00 GB) IDE Secondary Master (CD/DVD): Empty Floppy Controller Floppy Device 0: Empty Audio Host Driver: Windows DirectSound Controller: ICH AC97 Network Adapter 1: Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop (Bridged adapter, Microsoft Loopback Adapter) Serial Ports Disabled USB Device Filters: 0 (0 active) Shared Folders None
With ISO now downloaded and VirtualBox configuration ready, start the FreeBSD 8.0 virtual machine. Below is a slideshow with the settings that I picked for my minimal FreBSD install.

Enjoy! ~ts

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