Thursday, July 15, 2010

QNX Momentics IDE 4.6 not working in Cent OS 5.5

QNX Momentics is not officially supported not even on Cent OS 5.4 much less Cent OS 5.5. Although Cent OS 5.4 should be compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 Desktop.

Also, QNX Momentics 4.6 is working happily in Cent OS 5.4, but users always like to use the latest and the greatest version.

Anyway, running QNX Momentics in Cent OS 5.5 shows the following screen:
This issue was traced back to be caused by interface change in XULRunner which comes with Firefox browser. See this link and this link for discussion about this issue.

But this is not without hope of using the IDE in Cent OS 5.5.
echo "org.eclipse.ui/showIntro=false" > /tmp/noWelcomeScreen.ini cd /opt/qnx641/host/linux/x86/usr/bin qde -pluginCustomization /tmp/noWelcomeScreen.ini


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