Friday, August 20, 2010

Installing PCLinuxOS 2010.07 GNOME on VirtualBox

PCLinux OS releases new distribution quarterly, at least that is how it looks right now. Last time, I did a screen capture of PCLinuxOS KDE. The latest release came around July 2010 (I believe it was released 08July2010). This time around I will document installing GNOME. This can be helpful for folks who are distro hoping but don't have the time yet to install it.

Figure 1. This is the boot screen. It looks geeky and pretty nice.
Figure 2. Splash screen.
Figure 3. Keyboard layout. Select the physical layout of your keyboard not your current location.
Figure 4. GDM login screen. Select "guest", password is "guest".
Figure 5. This is the PCLinux OS GNOME desktop. Dark theme with applications you have come to expect from a regular full Linux distribution.
Figure 6. Double-click(run) on "Install Licecd". Root password is "root".
Figure 7. PCLinuxOS Installation Wizard introduction screen.
Figure 8. Hard disk partitioning. Default should be fine if you are doing this on a VirtualBox guest machine.
Figure 9. Commit changes and format partition.
Figure 10. Boot loader options. For VirtualBox guest installation defaults should be fine. If you are performing a dual boot installation, you may need to tweak something in this screen.
Figure 11. Boot menu option, item with * will be used as the default during a bootup sequence.
Figure 12. Installation complete. Reboot as instructed.
Figure 13. Welcome to your PCLinuxOS 2010.07 GNOME Edition!!! But we are not done, yet.
Figure 14. This is where you define your "root" password. This is the superuser, similar to "Administrator" in Windows.
Figure 15. Create a user account. This should be the user that you will use often. It is not advisable to use root as your regular user account.
Figure 16. We are back to GDM login screen. But this time we are running from  the installed copy of PCLinuxOS instead of Livecd.
Figure 17. Welcome to your PCLinuxOS 2010.07 GNOME Desktop!!!.
Figure 18. Screen capture of the GNOME menu structure as implemented by this distro.

Note that it comes with VirtualBox guest additions pre-installed. Isn't that neat? :)



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