Friday, February 18, 2011

Fedora 14 screen capture

Fedora 14 was released last Nov 2, 2010, awfully long time ago in the Linux world. Anyway, I am just documenting here how it looks like installing Fedora 14 in VirtualBox. I have done this for the top 5 distributions and I am gonna do this for Fedora again.

In terms of the installation screens, nothing much that meets the eye. I have no doubt that internally much has changed. Anyway, what follows are the screen capture while I was installing Fedora 14. As usual, you can use the images as you see fit, no need for permission.

Figure 1. Boot splash

Figure 2. Live installer login screen

Figure 3. Live installer desktop

Figure 4. Installer first screen

Figure 5. Keyboard Selection

Figure 6. Initialize disk

Figure 7. Set machine hostname

Figure 8. Storage Type

Figure 8a.

Figure 9. Root password

Figure 10. Storage allocation

Figure 11. Timezone selection

Figure 12. Installation complete

Figure 13. Welcome screen

Figure 14. License Information

Figure 15. Create regular user account

Figure 16. Set date and time

Figure 17. Send hardware profile

Figure 18. Login to the F14.

Figure 19. F14 Desktop

I then perform an update which is quite massive, below are the key versions:
Linux kernel:
GNOME: 2.32.0

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