Sunday, May 22, 2011

Installing Google Chrome in Puppeee

I own an Asus Eee PC 900 (Intel Celeron M processor 900MHz). Of course you can only do so much with this machine so having an optimized OS does help a lot. Just recently I have replaced my OS/Linux distro with Puppeee (Linux This distro does feel light and fast. It comes with what you would expect from a descent distribution. The default web browser is Midori 0.2.9 (based on WebKit) which works okay. Unfortunately it does not work well with Pandora. It maybe because Pandora requires Flash support which I am not sure if Midori is configured in Puppeee to work with the plugin.

I have used Pandora with Google Chrome so I was hoping that it might work with that browser. Installing Chrome is quite straightforward in Puppeee. First, download the latest from, I picked chrome-10.sfs using Mindori. Once done, click Puppy menu -> System -> Control Panel. Select Software tab, then SFS-Loader load squash files. Browse to where you saved chrome*.sfs then follow the prompts. You should be ready to use Google Chrome in no time.


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