Monday, November 07, 2011

Fedora 15 Screen Capture Tour

I have been trying to keep a log of the *nix distribution I am using. Mostly I take screen captures and post them as blog post. I have been slacking lately due to personal commitments. Anyway, so here goes Fedora 15 (released May 24, 2011).

Boot screen

GNOME 3 failed to load on VirtualBox

Install to Hard Drive

Keyboard selection

Type of store device

Confirm to wipe disk

Set computer hostname

Set time zone info

Set root account password

Storage allocation, use all space

Install complete

Welcome to Fedora

License agreement

Create user

Set date and time

Hardware profile

Login screen

Class GNOME menu

Fedora 15 major software versions
kernel: 2.6.40
GNOME: 3.0.1
Firefox: 6.0

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