Sunday, November 25, 2012

Installing Ubunut 12.10 via netinstall on Eee PC 900

I have a pretty old Eee PC 900 that have been running Arch Linux for awhile. I did an update lately and it borked it beyond my knowledge how to repair.

So, I was thinking why not use Ubuntu minimal install? I am pretty familiar with Ubuntu/Debian distribution, fixing it should be much easier as I am familiar with the distro. As an aside I am planning to use it as a web server and i don't want to update the machine weekly to keep up with the latest Arch packages.

Ubuntu 12.10 minimal installation is very easy now a days  It is as easy as installing Windows :). Anyway, I used a copy from Ok, I am still using a lot of Windows machine ;(, so burning it to USB flash I used unetbootin.

Below are the sequence/options I have selected/or data supplied.

  • Turn off Eee PC 900
  • Connect flash drive (flashed with Ubuntu mini iso using unetbootin)
  • Turn of Eee PC 900, press ESC to view boot options
  • Select "Install" from the menu.
  • English for the "Select a Language".
  • United States for "Select your location"
  • No on "Configure the keyboard"
  • English (US) on "Configure the keyboard" - Country of origin for the keyboard
  • English (US) on "Configure the keyboard" - Keyboard layout
  • eth0 on "Configure the network" Primary network interface
  • eeepc900 on "Configure the network" hostname
  • United States on Choose a mirror of the Ubuntu archive
  • on Choose a mirror of the Ubuntu archive - Ubuntu archive mirror
  • Blank (nada) on Choose a mirror of the Ubuntu archive - HTTP Proxy information
  • username lastname on Set up users and passwords - Full name for the new user
  • username on Set up users and passowrds - Username for your account
  • password on Set up users and passwords - Choose a password for the new user
  • password on Set up users and passwords - Re-enter password for verify
  • No on Set up users and passwords - Encrypt your home directory
  • Yes on Configure the clock - Is this time zone correct
  • In Software Selection, I selected
    • LAMP server
    • Lubuntu minimal installation

Ubuntu 12.10 minimal install have difficulty working with the partitions created by Arch. I have to delete the partitions manually before the installation can proceed.

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