Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Can't get Windows 8 split screen to work

I have been trying to get immersed with Windows 8 lately. The more I use the modern UI on a non-touch interface the more I don't like it. There is just too much impedance between using mouse/keyboard for an interface designed for touch input.

Anyway, I read somewhere that the Modern UI interface supports splitting applications. I took me a while to learn that for it to work you have to have at least 1366x768 screen resolution. This is maddening..... argh. First, I couldn't open apps on screen resolutions below 1024x768. Now splitting needs higher resolution.

Microsoft looks like is in identity crisis as of late. They don't just get what user needs. Or maybe people involved in the project do understand but management have a different agenda. Good luck Microsoft, you guys will be in for a difficult time against competition.


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