Thursday, October 30, 2008

Changing Eclipse text editor font

Working long hours tinkering with code can greatly strain your eyes. I think this is the reason why most programmers are so picky with the font they are using. I spend quite a lot of time looking for the best font (my personal best). Proggy fonts are quite good, so is Envy Code R.

But for quite sometime, I believe more than a year, I developed love and hate relationship with Consolas. This font is optimized for Microsoft ClearType. The problem is not all of the machines I used are upgraded to RDP 6.x clients. Older remote desktop clients does not support ClearType, so I have to use non-cleartype friendly fonts. Courier New is good candidate but most of the time I settle with Proggy fonts.

Anyway, to use Consolas in Eclipse 3.4.1 (Ganymede) is easy and oh note that this font is designed for VS2005 and VS2008. Just hit on Windows | Prerences | General | Appearance | Colors and Fonts | Basic | Text Font. See below for screen shot where to access this option.

Step 1: Window | Preferences.

Step 2: Select Text Font under "Basic" root node.

Step 3: Select the desired font. In this case, I'm gonna use Consolas.


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