Monday, September 28, 2009

Creating new user in Fedora Linux

Creating a user in Fedora now is so much easier that it used to 5 years ago. To do this, do "System > Administration > Users and Group" or through console command "system-config-users" as regular user.

Once the program is run it should ask for root password.

Once the required password is entered, you should see a window as shown below.

Now to create the new user either do "File > Add User" or click on Add User button. Let us try to create a new user with the corresponding information:
User Name: timus
Full Name: Timus Tunes
Password : password
Confirm Password : password
Login Shell: /bin/bash
Leave the rest with the default values.


Fedora 11 Fatal boot failure on vbox

I tried installing Fedora 11 on Virtual Box 3.0.6 and really surprised of the result after the first reboot, I was presented with following fatal error message:
Booting from local disk... FATAL: INT18: BOOT FAILURE
Or this image capture:
Though the issue is easy to work-around, thus say, unmount the DVDROM from VirtualBox but this got me thinking why is it that this issue is not present in Ubuntu 9.04 nor OpenSUSE 11.1? Was this a regression in Fedora or due to VirtualBox?

Note that this issue was reported in Virtual Box and claimed to be an issue with Fedora installer. But this issue was reported way back Fedora 10? :(...

I wish I am brave enough to mess around with probably GRUB or Linux kernel to help fix this minor hiccup.