Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to provide MSAA Name for MFC edit controls

Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) can be used in GUI test automation or for accessibility. For test automation purposes, IAccessible::get_accName can be used to retrieve name of an edit box. To make this to work for MFC based applications, the tab order sequence should be modified such that the static label at the left of the edit box is one number lower. For example, if the edit box's tab order number is 5, the static label on the left should have tab order of 4. For MFC based application created using VS2010, menu Format | Tab Order (Ctrl + D) should show the order sequence graphically.

Note that this is applicable to the following test automation tools/frameworks:
- Test Partner
- Rational Robot
- UI Automation

Just to stress this out again, you need to have a static label to the left of the edit box for this work.




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