Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Debian Squeeze minimal text based install - screenshot tour

Debian provides you with a lot of options in terms of how you setup/install your system. You can do it via GUI, through live CDs and of course the proven text based install.

With Debian Squeeze out, it is time for me to install the latest that the Debian community has to offer. I find that the installation is very straightforward so I will just post screen captures where the user would need to interact with the installation for bare bones configuration. So here we go....

Figure 1. Installer Boot Menu

Figure 2. Language selection

Figure 3. Set your location, this is for time zone

Figure 4. Keyboard map to use

Figure 5. Set machine hostname

Figure 6. Set domain name. For internal/home use, pick whatever you like

Figure 7. Set root (administrator) password

Figure 8. Verify root password

Figure 9. Create user, this would be what you will be using most of the time

Figure 10. Username for the new account

Figure 11. Password for the new account

Figure 12. Verify password for new account

Figure 13. Set your correct time zone

Figure 14. Select partition method

Figure 15. Confirm partition layout

Figure 16. Partition scheme

Figure 17. Partition overview

Figure 18. Commit partition to disk

Figure 19. Select Debian mirror, pick closest to your location (this should be good for most of the cases)

Figure 20. Select the mirror server

Figure 21. Setup HTTP proxy server (for internal/home use normally blank should work) otherwise ask your network administrator

Figure 22. Participate in survey, Yes please.

Figure 23. Since this is bare bones install, select nothing

Figure 24. For virtual guest machines, Yes should be safe. If this is on bare metal, please check if you have existing OS and configure as appropriate

Figure 25. Installation complete

That was easy. 

Additional info:
Linux kernel: 2.6.32-5-686



Petitbob said...

ok it's easy !

but after what do you do with your basic system ? it's more less easy !

Techno Scavenger said...

Ok, I admit that the word "easy" can mean differently on lots of reasons.

Now what can you do with this bare install? Lots of options. Install minimal X system, thus say Fluxbox ( or install minimal GNOME (

Anonymous said...

Thax needed screenshot to create manual for my students..... ;) and nice work!

Techno Scavenger said...

Use it as you see fit. Spread the fun of computing.