Thursday, November 19, 2009

Emacs common commands

Character Operations:
DELETE : Delete character to the left of point (Also marked ROBOUT)
C-d    : Delete character to the right of (or under) point

Word Operations:
M-d    : Delete one word to the right (C-y yanks it back at point)
Cursor movement:
C-p    : Move to the previous line
C-n    : Move to the next line
C-f    : Move forward one char
C-b    : Move backward one char
M-f    : Move forward one word
M-b    : Move backward one word
C-a    : Move cursor beggining of the line
C-e    : Move cursor end of the line
M->    : End of file
M-<    : Beginning of file

Line operations:
M-m       : Move point to the first non-space in the line

Copying Text:
M-w     : Runs command kill-ring-save. This is like copy in Windows editors

Deleting Text:
C- select text C-w
        : Delete selected text
M-d     : Kill the next word after the cursor

Searching for text:
C-s           : Incremental search forward
C-r           : Incremental search backward

Convenience functions:
        : Repeat [char] [number] of times. Example C-8-0 1, repeat 1 80 times.

M-$     : Check and correct spelling for the word at point

        : Count number line and chars for the selected text
        : Change tabs to space for the currently selected region

Python mode specific shortcuts:
M-/     : Command abbreviation expand
C-M-i   : Complete partial symbol or Intellisense in VS speak 

Emacs Keyboard keys (link)

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