Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhall in VirtualBox

It is time for me again to upgrade my Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhall) as a guest machine. I know I know I should use Linux in my host machine but my main work is basically using Windows so no escaping for me to  use this OS if I want to keep relevant in the workplace.

Nothing is really earth shattering with the new release except for the much debated Unity. Other than that  same old same old in the Linux land.

Below is my VirtualBox guest configuration:
General Name: ubu1104 OS Type: Ubuntu System Base Memory: 1024 MB Processor(s): 1 Boot Order: CD/DVD-ROM, Hard Disk VT-x/AMD-V: Enabled Nested Paging: Enabled Display Video Memory: 64 MB 3D Acceleration: Enabled 2D Video Acceleration: Disabled Remote Desktop Server: Disabled Storage IDE Controller IDE Secondary Master (CD/DVD): Empty SATA Controller SATA Port 0: ubu1104.vdi (Normal, 80.00 GB) Audio Host Driver: Windows DirectSound Controller: ICH AC97 Network Adapter 1: Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop (Bridged adapter, Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller) Serial Ports Disabled USB Device Filters: 0 (0 active) Shared Folders None

The configuration is slightly different from my Maveric Meerkat configuration. I have increased video memory to 64 MB from 12MB so that  I will be able to play with Unity otherwise you will be stuck with the classic user interface.

Anyway, without too much ado I present Ubuntu 11.04 running in VirtualBox.

I don't have major concerns with Unity after all that's how FOSS/Linux works.... choice. But the icons from dash is too big for me. It would be nice if I can select a profile and say that I am using a laptop or PC and the icons should be sized appropriately.

I do have major  concern with the stability of using Ubuntu as a Virtualbox guest. I  observed that if I save state a Ubuntu guest and power it back up from saved state that it is barely usable. I always have to  start Ubuntu guest from a warm start... I am looking forward to understanding why it is behaving this way. Is it because of Unity or because of the updated version of VirtualBox? Let the journey begin...

Have fun with Linux!


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